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Yesterpay Holdings Inc.

Yesterpay allows qualified investors to purchase bonds and invest indirectly in invoice factoring. Yesterpay offers fixed rate one-, two- and three-year unsecured bonds that are tax-deferred-plan-eligible to residents of Alberta and British Columbia.

Yesterpay’s bonds are supported by income-producing assets from CapitalNow.

Sub-Agent Opportunities

As a dealer, you may be able to offer your own clients the same investment opportunities that CVC offers.

At times, CVC has the opportunity to engage other reputable dealers as sub-agents for investment opportunities while acting as lead agent. This provides you, as a dealer, the ability to offer alternative products to your clients.

If you are interested in offering one or more of CVC’s product, please call us at 403-538-5837 or email dealerCVC@cvcmarketpoint.com.


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