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Introduction To Exempt Market Securities

Through CVC, qualified investors are given the opportunity to participate in exempt market securities, commonly investing in private companies, which are not publicly traded like other stocks and securities.

For many smaller companies, listing on a stock exchange incur significant costs associated with listing fees and issuing a prospectus. The exempt market allows these businesses to access capital without issuing a prospectus.

As exempt market securities present potential risks as well as potential rewards, CVC works with investors fully explaining the company, its offerings and the features of the investment.

A Western Based Approach To Investing.

The investment opportunities CVC typically offers to qualified investors are in smaller, regional businesses operating in Western Canada.

As CVC continues to grow, we aim to continue to play an important role in supporting small and mid-size enterprises looking to raise capital, while continuing to provide investors with unique investment opportunities.


Our team of Dealing Representatives will work with you to determine if a private investment is suitable for you.



We aim to identify alternative investment opportunities for you to consider and work with you to explain the products and risks.

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We want you to be educated and knowledgeable about the products we sell so you can make an investment decision.



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