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Investment Opportunities

CVC™ Market Point Inc. (“CVC”) works with related and third-party products, which undergo an extensive due diligence process prior to being made available to investors.

Before an investment is made, a fully-trained Dealing Representative will work closely to assess your individual needs and goals. At CVC, we want to ensure that you fully understand what you are investing in and will work to ensure that investment is suitable for you and your unique objectives. Investments do not always perform perfectly, and CVC strives to remain fully transparent with regard to the potential outcomes and risks that come with the investment.


Yesterpay Holdings Inc.

Yesterpay allows qualified investors to purchase bonds and invest indirectly in invoice factoring. Yesterpay offers fixed rate one-, two- and three-year unsecured bonds that are tax-deferred-plan-eligible to residents of Alberta and British Columbia.

Yesterpay’s bonds are supported by income-producing assets from CapitalNow.

Sub-Agent Opportunities

As a dealer, you may be able to offer your own clients the same investment opportunities that CVC offers.

At times, CVC has the opportunity to engage other reputable dealers as sub-agents for investment opportunities while acting as lead agent. This provides you, as a dealer, the ability to offer alternative products to your clients.

If you are interested in offering one or more of CVC’s product, please call us at 403-538-5837 or email dealerCVC@cvcmarketpoint.com.


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