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VALMOR™ Mortgage Investment Corporation

Valmor™ Mortgage Investment Corporation (“Valmor MIC”) believes that the mid-tier lending markets may be under-serviced by the large financial institutions in Canada and that there are attractive opportunities to underwrite well-structured, secure mortgage loans with attractive pricing.

  • 5-6% Targeted Yield*
  • Monthly Distributions

Accordingly, Valmor MIC believes that the mid-tier lending markets may present a significant opportunity for short-term, customized loans to experienced borrowers who often require faster execution and more flexible terms. Typical loan size ranges from $250,000 to $2,000,000 but may be significantly smaller or larger in some cases and typical loan terms are from 12 to 24 months in duration.

Valmor MIC has been created to acquire and maintain a portfolio of mortgages that preserves capital and generates returns in order to pay distributions to shareholders. To achieve this investment objective, Valmor MIC will use the net subscription proceeds to invest in loans secured by mortgages relating to residential mortgages and commercial mortgages predominantly in Western Canada. Such investments will only occur in accordance with Valmor MIC’s investment guidelines.

Valmor™ Mortgage Investment Corporation is a connected issuer and may be considered a related issuer of CVC that is offered through CVC for investment to qualified individuals residing in Alberta and British Columbia.

Target Yields of 5-6%*

For more information about Valmor™ MIC please review the items below:

Valmor™ Mortgage Investment Corporation Offering Memorandum
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Valmor™ Mortgage Investment Corporation Fact Sheet Class B Shares
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Valmor™ Mortgage Investment Corporation Fact Sheet Class C Shares
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*Target per annum paid to investors net of Valmor™ MIC’s fees and expenses per Offering Memorandum of April 27, 2018.

This investment is only directed to residents of Alberta or British Columbia.

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