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Exempt Market FAQs

These questions and answers are meant to provide an overview of the industry and types of products we offer but by no means are they an exhaustive list of information.

What is the Private Market?

The “Private Market” or “Exempt Market” refers to companies raising capital without issuing a prospectus.

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private market regulated

How is the Private Market Regulated?

The securities commissions/regulatory authorities in each province and territory regulate the public and private capital markets in Canada through securities legislation, regulations, rules and national or multilateral instruments.

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What is an Exempt Market Dealer, or EMD?

The term Exempt Market Dealer (usually shortened to “EMD”), defines a company  registered with securities regulators to trade in or underwrite investment securities that have not been qualified by a prospectus; instead, the investments are exempt from the prospectus requirement.

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Why invest in the Private Market?

The exempt market provides investors the ability to invest directly into local, privately held companies while providing capital to support their growth.

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Who can invest in the Private Market?

Many investors are eligible to invest in the private market or exempt market, provided an exempt market dealer determines it is suitable for your personal circumstances. 

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What are the Risks?

All investments have associated risks which investors should be aware of. We believe it is of the utmost importance that investors have a clear understanding of the risks and any conflicts of interest associated with their investments.

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How can I invest in the Exempt Market?

Contact CVC™ Market Point Inc., an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), in order to speak with a Dealing Representative for further information on investing in the exempt market.

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